Recent Trends Followed In Technology

Recent Trends In Technology

Recent Trends Followed In Technology and New Inventions of It.

The first and foremost invention of technology is computer, it is a manipulating device which can able to handle complex calculations in an easier way later when people felt that computer is a space consuming device then the scientists invented a many miniature forms of it they are laptops, tablets, smartphones and etc. and to give power to those devices internet was introduced in the early 1980’s.

The internet gives a lot of information to the people and helps us to know about the past, present and future information in a faster manner, the internet has given the opportunity to improve in our lives and it can give occupations to many people. Using simple internet connection we can educate, entertain and improve ourselves in life, the internet giant is called Google. It has given many interesting devices, tools, and operating systems to the people and helps us to experience the next level of information technology.

Another competitor of Google is apple, it competes with Google for the mobile operating system and in network connectivity, their competition grows every year and because of that, new and useful devices will be introduced in the global market. At present the apple is constructing a high-speed network connectivity to compete with Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the main plan of the high speed network connecting apple’s all data centers present in California, Nevada and etc. by connecting all the servers the apple is planning to manage the traffic level by its own without the help of others.

Until now the apple was getting space from cloud providers like Microsoft and Amazon but with this high-speed network connectivity the apple can manage its server by own and can increase network availability. The apple has not revealed about the total cost it going spend in this plan or about its investment plans thus everything is remains hidden by Apple.

Apple’s new high-speed network connection

To create a high-speed network the apple had tied up with many existing vendors for doing this operation successfully and it was mainly seeking to bolster the present infrastructure to build the plan. An apple phone maker said that Apple is going to spend 1.7 billion pounds to construct two data centers in Europe to implement this plan, Apple reported that the centers in Ireland would support for the online services like iTunes, app stores, maps, Siri, and etc.

Interesting apps in the Apple mobile operating system

The apple has given complete security in its smartphone where virus and malware was prevented and the phone will stay secure for many years, the apple has interesting apps in its play store which belongs to different categories like health and nutrition, games, entertainment, useful software’s and etc. by downloading those apps we can able to perform our desired tasks easily. Today all major business companies are releasing applications in apple using it we can able to do our task infinite time without traveling.

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